Roofing Maintenance Tips for an Arizona Home

Arizona’s weather spectrum is very broad from its hot and dry summers to wet and windy monsoon seasons and chilly winters. Roofing issues become much more likely with inconsistent weather patterns such as these. Even the smallest of issues can become very large and problematic if they are ignored. There are a few preventative measures that should be taken in order to keep your roof in good condition and your home and everything inside it safe.

Shingles are the most common and trusted roofing material, but that does not mean they are immune to the elements. Your home’s roof should be routinely checked for damaged or missing shingles, which can be a cause of roof leaks or other issues. The roof sealant underneath the shingles should also be checked for cracks and other signs of wear. Sealants on Arizona roofs typically last from 5-10 years depending on weather and maintenance. Any other roofing materials including metal, fiber-cement, and foam
should also be checked for damage or deterioration.

Gutters, while not technically part of your roof, are also very important and should be well-maintained. Debris such as leaves, bugs, dirt, etc. can very quickly clog a gutter system. This should be quickly tended to for two reasons: mold can develop among the buildup and lead to health issues, and water may be blocked from flowing into the gutter and instead make its way under your roof.

A third tip that is especially relevant during monsoon season is to keep bushes and trees under control. Anything hanging over your roof, particularly during windy periods, can fall onto roof shingles and cause them to break or fall off entirely. Additionally, leaves, branches, flowers, etc. can cause moisture to linger on the roof and cause the roof to begin rotting.

While it may seem like a burden, routine roof checks can save you money and hassle in the long run. If hiring a trusted professional is more realistic than performing an inspection yourself, contact the 
Arizona Roofing Council to find a contractor near you.

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