Lawn Tips for a Dry Summer

Almost everyone with a lawn at their home has at one time or another noticed damage to their grass that they can’t seem to prevent. This is especially true in Arizona. Yellow patches and dry grass have become normal during its hot, dry summer season. The solution(s) to these issues are not exactly what one might expect.

A common practice during the summer is to heavily water yards on a daily basis in order to prevent drying and death of grass. Surprisingly, this is just the opposite of what should be done to avoid these outcomes. Grass can become addicted to water. Rather than watering daily, a better approach is to water less, both in terms of volume and frequency to train grass to not be reliant on daily watering.

A second strategy to keep your lawn thriving during the summer is to change usage habits. Allowing the kids or family pets to frolic about in the yard is a true summer classic. Unfortunately, this is also allows your lawn to face excessive strain and harmful destruction of roots.

Finally, adjusting maintenance strategies can be just what the doctor ordered to keep your lawn healthy. Grass is the opposite of hair in that shorter hair is healthier hair, while longer grass is healthier grass. Moisture is stored in the blades and leaves of turf rather than the roots, so mowing your lawn short gets rid of much of the water keeping it alive. On a similar note, all other major lawn care and repair practices should be reserved for the cooler seasons.

Another option for keeping grass green and strong during the summer is to simply have your existing turf replaced with grass that naturally needs less water. Re-sodding can be pricy, but the lightened maintenance load can make it worth the investment.

One more option would be to take the artificial turf route, which is becoming increasingly popular in the valley. Aside from keeping it clean by removing leaves and other items, artificial turf requires no upkeep. Similar to re-sodding, it can be expensive up front but no further costs should be incurred during its useful life.

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