Are Window Shades Right for Your Home?

The 100-plus degree temperatures have made their way back to the Valley of the Sun, which means it is time for the return of high air conditioning bills. If you are one of the millions of Arizonans looking to stay cool this summer and keep electricity costs to a minimum, window shades may be just what you need.  

These thin, dark screens serve three main purposes: they substantially reduce energy loss, they keep your home cooler, and they help to lower your electricity bill. Rather than putting excessive strain on your air conditioning unit trying to bring down the temperature of your home, installing these screens over your home’s windows can cut down the amount of ultraviolet light being let inside by over 90 percent. In addition to keeping your home cool, these window shades can also save the grass you have in your front and back yards. The reflection of the sun off of standard windows has been known to burn and destroy both real and artificial grass.

Both retractable and permanent models are available for installation. Shade screens are a good investment for anyone experiencing these unbearable bouts of heat for months on end. As with any home modification, however, window shades have their drawbacks. Anyone who has them installed should be prepared to use more artificial light to account for all of the natural light being absorbed. Furthermore, repair and/or replacement costs may add up as a result of fading and other weather-related damage.

For those interested in having window screens at your home, SRP is currently offering a rebate on professionally installed shades. Click here for more information about this offer.

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